European / International Joint Ph.D. in
Social Representation and Communication

Evaluation of the European/International Joint Ph.D. Thesis

The thesis is comprised of two parts; the full report written in a national language of the country where the doctoral candidate is pursuing his/her thesis and a shorter version in English in a form ready to be submitted to a journal of international standing. The format for this part of the thesis is further detailed in the 'Notes for Contributors' drawn from the European Journal of Social Psychology.

The final jury will evaluate the thesis; It consists of academics designated by the participating universities who can belong or not to partner universities, who are required to prepare a written report on the thesis. The tutors can participate in the discussion, but not in the evaluation. The criteria to evaluate the thesis are as follows:

  • Relevance of the chosen subject and its originality, clarity of the research hypothesisPertinence and breadth of literature to which reference is made;
  • Correctness of the methodology and interpretative tools employed;
  • Adequacy of the analysis and clarity in interpreting the data according the proposed synthesis;
  • The pioneering aspect of the study and its potential for future development;
  • Reference to the dissertation process: the autonomy of the doctoral candidate in the management of the complexities of the thesis, the time taken, etc.