European / International Joint Ph.D. in
Social Representation and Communication


The deadline for the registration will be communicated directly to the candidates as soon as they have been accepted.

The tuition fees amount to 3.500 € per each academic year and do not include the inscription fee to the European/International PhD International Lab Meetings and Summer Schools (in case those events are not covered by specific scholarships funded by the European/International Joint PhD in Social Representations and Communication on the basis of EC contracts or by other resources made available by the partner Universities or autonomously achieved by the enrolled candidates)

The tuition fees must be paid by all the selected applicants, including those supported by fellowships, within the registration deadline indicated in the letters of acceptance.

Applicants that do not pay their fees within the indicated deadline will not be admitted in the programme.

As of the academic year 2005-2006 the University of Rome ‘La Sapienza’, foundor of the European/International Joint PhD in Social Representations & Communication, has introduced a new Registration procedure for doctoral research trainees through a system entitled INFOSTUD.  Information related to this system can be found on the University’s Website located at:

All doctoral research trainees recognised by the University of Rome ‘La Sapienza’, including those enrolled as International/European Doctoral Research Trainees, are now required to register on the INFOSTUD System.  It should be noted that the registration on this system is in addition to any regulatory procedures which may have been established by the International/European doctoral programmes available at the University of Rome ‘La Sapienza’.

Furthermore, doctoral research trainees (including those who have or have not been awarded a scholarship) are required to pay the sum of 30 Euro in respect of administrative expenses which have been foreseen by the central administration of the University.  Details of the payment procedure are outlined at the link mentioned above. Meanwhile, due to a special concession made by the University of Rome ‘La Sapienza’, it has been decided that doctoral research trainees enrolled in the European/International Joint PhD in S.R. & Com. will be exempt from paying the sum of 111.94 Euro in respect of Regional Taxes, as well as the University of Rome ‘La Sapienza’’s Registration Fee given that said doctoral research trainees are already required to pay the fees requested in accordance with the regulations of the European/International Joint PhD in S.R. & C. 

Please contact with any problems incurred in registering with the INFOSTUD System.